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Alice-related Holidays!

Today is November 4th, and it’s the day that Alice went through the Looking-Glass. Carrollians and Alice fans have quite a number of “holidays” that they can celebrate throughout the year. What are these days, and how do we know about them? Read on to learn more!

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“Wonderland Weekly” newspaper project I made in middle school

I stumbled upon this today while going through some things in storage. It’s a project I did in middle school when we were learning about newspapers in English class. We had to base it upon a book we’d read. I was obsessed with Alice even at that time, so it seemed a natural choice. I think it worked really well for the assignment. I kind of got lazy as it went on, my neat, small print becoming large and messy, and I honestly don’t know why I thought Lewis Carroll was Alice’s uncle — I must have read it somewhere. Give me a break, I was eleven!
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